WE are a Sports Cameraman & Producer/Director/Editor Team based in Japan
  • Outback Snowboarding
  • THE AMAZING RACE ASIA Season 2 Japan (AXN/Active TV) Local Facilitation, Line producing, locations, PM, LM, 20 PAs, cameramen, art department, transportation, hotels, visas, arrival/departure out plans. 2008 THE AMAZING RACE ISRAEL (Japan episodes) After two races, Local 81 knows that producing 8 locations simultaneously is the most exciting production challenge in the business. 
  • THE AMAZING RACE ASIA Field Producer (Season 3, 13 episodes). 
  • Under My wing, Red Bull japan 
  • 2004/05 Mild seven outdoor quest
  • IMG Sailing, Korea (IMG London) 
  • American Ninja (G4 America)
  • Teva, Sam Pilgrim doco (Set KK Japan)
  • The Amazing Race, Japan Leg. (Virgin Earth)

RED BULL / Red Bull Athlete 長田慎士  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQ9B9AJMafU#t=63

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Canon HD XL H1 Local 81, All Local: line producer, production manager, location coordinator, prod coord, camera assist, AD, casting, action director, grips (panther dolly and jimmy jib) lightening/genes, art, wardrobe, hair/make-up, transport, catering for the London based creative house COAST group of director (Martin Brierley), cameraman and producer. This one minute commercial was shot in a bamboo forest using an action star.

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