When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt.

KE$HA/MTV My Crazy Beautiful Life. Behind the scenes footage (travel to venue, rehearsal, fan meet & greet) and live concert. 11/12/2013 Zepp Tokyo. Prod/Dir: Christian Storms. Cam: Chris Shepherd on Canon C-300. 

  • Fuji Rock, chemical brothers film. Don't Think. EMI, UK (cameraman)
  • DVDs Location Coordination/Camera Staff Paul McCartney, Driving Japan Tour concert footage, behind the scenes, fan interviews, Tokyo/ Osaka (Mark Haefli Productions).
  • Spiderman 3 Tokyo World Premiere. Local producer, 8 camera crews, lightening, production staff. Red carpet coverage and 4 director/star INT rooms. SpecialTreats Productions / Sony Pictures.
  • Battleship World Premiere. Local producer for 3 local camera crews, sound, lightening, production staff. Press day coverage on the USS George Washington. Red carpet coverage and full edit for media affiliates. SpecialTreats Productions / Universal.
  • FEATURE FILM The Animatrix Making DVD (Eric Matthies Productions) Scroll to Screen: The History and Culture of Anime.
  • FEATURE FILM Ninja Assassin Making DVD (cameraman/producer)
    Behind the scenes look at the creation of CAPCOM's Dragon's Dogma! Local producer (Christian), Cameraman (Chris)