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NIKE - Where's the Next Ronaldinho (Traktor/W+K) After 50 soccer fields and 150 actor auditions, in the true Traktor style, Christian Storms (LP for Local 81) cast a real-life high school coach plus 20 of his students and the lead boy shooting at an actual high school with two 16mm cameras plus two steadicams, art, lightening, hair/make-up, sound, transport, catering, on the subway with 50 extras and finally a noodle shop.

NIKE - Where's the Next Ronaldinho

Canon HD / XL H1 All Local 81: line producer, production manager, location coordinator, prod coord, camera assist, AD, casting, action director, grips (panther dolly and jimmy jib) lightening/genes, art, wardrobe, hair/make-up, transport, catering for the London based creative house COAST group of director (Martin Brierley), cameraman and producer. This one minute commercial was shot in a bamboo forest using an action star.

Canon HD / XL H1